Psychic Chat – What is it?

If you don’t like phone or face to face psychic readings (and even if you do), psychic chat is a relatively new and fun way to get a reading. At least it’s new to me as I’ve only tried it recently.

Find out more about it here and the best places to test out some free psychic chat.

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What exactly is Psychic Chat?

It’s similar to chatting to someone on facebook chat, MSN or the like, where you type your message and it appears immediately and they can type back then and there (Often known as IMing or instant messaging) except that usually you can see and hear the psychic via a webcam (but they can’t see or hear you).  Usually the psychic speaks over the video call with his or her voice, but can also type messages.

See below for an example.  To hear what the psychic is saying, click the loudspeaker symbol in the top right of the video.  You can also ask a free question! Just type in the box below.

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Refresh the page to see a different psychic or if you’ve been timed out.

Psychic Chat vs Phone Readings

Though I’ve only recently started using psychic chat it has some nice advantages over making phone calls.

Most of the services I’ve tested (Oranum, Psychic Access, Psychic Source, Psychics Live and Keen) allow you to view the reader and participate in the text chat for free.

Although usually you aren’t really allowed to ask psychic questions,I have sometimes seen readers answer a few questions for free and often psychics will do things like draw a tarot card for you for free.  Some of those sites are offering free private chat minutes as well so you can really test them out.

This is great though because you can really get the feel for the reader by seeing and hearing them.  Psychic readings vary in accuracy and quality, partly because its not an exact science, some are fraudsters, but also sometimes a reader just can’t connect to a certain person for some reason.

I’ve found that by taking a look at different readers I get a reader who tunes into to me really well.

Also with psychic video chat, you can use readers from anywhere in the world, (as long as they speak your language of course!) as you don’t have to worry about expensive phone bills.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, chat it is a bit less intense than actually having to ring up and speak to someone.  I remember being very nervous before getting my first phone reading, and sometimes it still can feel a bit odd so psychic chat is good for when I am not in the mood to talk as being able to type your message is a big bonus.

Free Psychic Chat

Some websites offer free psychic chat, but is it really free? Sometimes this just means being able to chat to the psychic before entering a private room.

However some of the psychic sites are offering good deals and free minutes to encourage people to use video chat and you can find my list of the best cheap and free psychic chat services here. (link coming soon).

If you’d rather just check the best video chat service out now, visit Oranum’s free psychic chat.

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