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The Magic of Seeing into The Future

What is Signal River for?

I’ve been having and reviewing readings for many years now, and have also met many mediums and clairvoyants. I have read with tarot and oracle cards for a long time.

I’ve had some really awful readings, and some that were freakishly accurate and while I’ve learned that you can never be 100% sure of getting an excellent reading, nor can you ever get 100% accuracy, nevertheless there are good sites you can choose from and things to look out for that can improve the quality of your reading dramatically.

I want to share my experience and what I've learned to help others get the best possible psychic readings online.

Also I want to delve into some of the more intriguing topics involving psychic ability, spiritual issues, aura reading and more.  I'd also love to hear your feedback and comments and about anything else you'd like to write to me about.

Take Me To The Reviews Now Please!

What’s inside Lucy's Signal River?

You will find my experiences with the best psychics online that offer readings by phone, email and also psychic chat.  You’ll find my tips on how to prepare for a reading, scams to look out for and what to expect. Discover what kind of things an intuitive can and can’t tell you.

I’m fascinated by topics like Animal Spirit Guides, Soulmates and Twin flames and so I’ll be asking questions such as:

  • “What are Twin Flame Signs?”
  • “What are Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?”

You’ll find useful guides here as well on topics such as

  • “How can I find my soul mate?”
  • “How to develop your own psychic abilities?”
  • "How can I remember my dreams?"

Why not check your free daily horoscope while you are here?

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Where to get the best psychic readings

If you just want a quick run down of the best psychics online, (by type of reading eg phone, chat) here you go:

Phone Readings (Psychic Source)

While every psychic phone service has its pros and cons (and better and worse clairvoyants), overall I’ve found that this Psychic Source has one of the best levels of accuracy and has a great website.

They offer new users 3 free minutes plus readings for $1/min which gives you time to get the feel of the psychic you have chosen. Click below to visit them or read on for a fuller explanation about Psychic Source.

Try Psychic Source

Psychic Readings By Email (StormJewel's Psychics)

Meditating before your readingI’ve been using these ladies for about a year now and am really impressed with this email reading service from the UK.  You fill in a few details and your question and the psychics get back to you in a few days with deep insights. Click below to visit them or read on to learn more.

ps we've heard rumours that a new phone service is launching! Stay tuned for more info

Stormjewel's Psychic Email Readings

Video Chat Readings (Oranum/Psychic Access)

Oranum do video readings where your chosen psychic appears by webcam!  You can get free psychic chat and get to know your reader for free, or pay for a private reading. Oranum can be accessed worldwide.

I've had some really good readings here and its fun and cosy to actually see your psychic instead of just hear them.  Visit below or read on to know more about them

Visit Oranum

A cheaper but less well known video chat site that is actually very well established is Psychic Access

Free Psychic Text Chat (Love Queen)

Lady gets a psychic text chat readingUPDATE: This service has temporarily shut down, we've been told that they will reopen soon though!

With computer or phone you can get quick psychic answers by text from The Love Queen.  I find the chat service easy to use, and I love the way you get three totally free credits to ask answers, so that you can see if you feel a good connection.

Unlike Oranum, you don't need to put in any card or payment details to get started, and if you want to buy credits later, they accept PayPal.  Visit below or read on to learn more.

Go to The Love Queen


Best Psychic Readings by Website

Top 10 Best Psychic Reading Reviews

RankPsychic Site and Website LinkReading TypesSpecial OffersRatingMoney Back Guarantee?
1Psychic SourcePhone, Chat$1/min + 3 free mins10/10Yes
2StormJewel's PsychicsEmail20% off with Evie9.2/10Yes
3KeenPhone, ChatFIRST 3 MINUTES FREE8.5/10Yes
4The Love QueenText Chat3 free questions8/10No
5The Love QueenPhone Readingsnone but cheap prices8/10Yes
6Psychic AccessVideo Chat6 mins free7.5/10No
7Biddy TarotEmailnone7.5/10Yes
8OranumVideo Chat9.99 free credits6/10Yes
9California PsychicsPhone$1/min (new customers)5/10Yes
10Ask NowPhone, Chat$1/min (new customers)1/10No

Psychic Source - Top Overall Site

Average User Rating:

I highly recommend you try Psychic Source if you are looking for a really good reading. When conducting my tests, I was really impressed by the high standards of the recruiting and screening process of Psychic Source, as well as the customer service. I also find the website easy to use which is great.

Girl gets the best clairvoyant advice

This psychic network has received more great reviews than any other site, from a lot of users, I recommend that you check it out.

They say only about 5% of readers get through and this is reflected in the quality of psychics and the feedback from you guys and my own experiences. Psychic Source are based here in the US.  They also offer readings in the Spanish language.

I've had some great peace of mind and great predictions from these readings at difficult times. Previously my favorite psychic site was Keen but lately I've heard and experienced so much good stuff from Psychic Source that I now declare them the best overall winner!

My favorite Psychic Source readers:

  • Ace (really good price and very good at interpreting others’ emotions & love readings)
  • Therese (long time reader for ps)
  • Robbin
  • Melea

Psychic Source Current Promo

  1. Currently they are offering a great deal for new customers - Just $1 per minute
  2. The first 3 minutes of your reading is free for both old and new customers

Best Overall Phone Psychic Award - Psychic Source

Visit Psychic Source or read more on Signal River about Psychic Source

StormJewel's Psychics

Average User Rating:
Stormjewel's Email Readings are provided by caring and talented psychics (It's UK based but they read for anywhere in the world and accept paypal). Two of the readers are from London and the other reader is based here in the US.

I've used these ladies for love and career readings and they have been very helpful and given me excellent psychic insights and predictions.  I've been getting readings with Maria for years, they are very detail oriented and good, I've also had some readings with Evie and found them to be excellent, her speciality is love readings but she is also a very uplifting reader, good for spiritual advice too.

These guys seem to have gotten a lot more busy since I first discovered them, and are a little slower than before, but if anything the quality of readings seems even better.  The customer service is helpful and friendly and I've found the readings to be full of useful psychic advice and practical tips on how to get what I want out of life.  Also while they don't have the super discounted offers like the other sites, for the indepth info that you get, you end up paying much less than for a phone reading. They also have a money back guarantee.

Best Ethical and Value for Money Award - Review of Stormjewel's Psychics

Our sources tell us that a video call service with StormJewel will be starting soon, we'll let you know!

Visit StormJewels Psychics


The Love Queen

The Love Queen Chat is my newest addition to my favourite psychic sites!  As mentioned, this is a text chat service, that you can use from your phone, tablet or computer.  It's like other text chat services except that you pay per question.  The Love Queen is actually a dating guru and coach, so she specializes in answering love questions.  There are also other readers to choose from though and she does answer other sorts of questions too.

If you've got a deep or serious issue that needs a lot of advice, then I'd recommend you try a phone, video, face to face or email reading first.

But if you just want to check a few things, or get the occasional (almost) instant psychic reply or insight to various questions, then this site is great.

Also I'd say that the fact that you can try them for free makes them one of the top rated networks in terms of special offers.

Update July 2022- THIS SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY SHUT DOWN, I hope to see it back again soon!

The Love Queen Promo Offers

  • 3 Free Questions for new customers

Award for the best quick psychic chat readings - Visit The Love Queen Chat


Keen are Much better than before and recently I've gotten some great advice from a few of their clairvoyants.  Some of their readers are a little expensive but Keen is definitely worth exploring, especially if you are a new customer, since you can get really great discounts.

Girl contemplates her futureKeen have come a long way since I started experimenting psychics sites online about 15 years ago.  Back then they were a mixed bag with some really great hidden gems of readers in amongst what seemed to be low quality advisors.  Also for many years their website was horrendous, ugly and broke a lot!

However I'm pleased to say that now they have a lovely, clean and easy to use website and that they've learned their lessons from the past and spent these years dramatically increasing the stringency for testing their psychics and generally improving all round.

The result is that I've had some really excellent phone readings with Keen recently!

Psychic Source are still my top choice but if you've already tried them and you haven't tried Keen yet you can try them now and take advantage of some new customer tasty discounts!

Keen Promos

  • Discounts for new customers
  • Get the first 3 minutes free

Top Keen Psychics

  • Ravenstar7
  • Starbreezetarot
  • Louisebell
  • Lisa Dianne
  • SourcePower
  • Jerry Cassell
  • Tarot Magician
  • Stella by Starlight
  • Laurie Lee

Visit Keen or see my Keen review

Oranum Psychics

Average User Rating:

First of all, be aware that this is a Video chat site only, so if you want a phone reading then try Psychic Source or Keen first.  This is a true online reading! One of the things I love about Oranum is that you can chat to the clairvoyants in 'free chat' mode to see if you connect with them.

Here you can see, hear and type messages to them and sometimes they do answer your questions or pull a tarot card or similar in the free chat.  Oranum now also offers readings in Spanish.

The website is really easy to use and looks nice, it's easy to add credits, and the prices are pretty good.  I've had some nice, comforting readings from oranum and its great to see the psychics on the video in their own homes reading for you.  There's many different types of psychic skills so if you have a specific problem or particular interest you are sure to find a reader that suits you!

My favorite readers:

  • Lavina Lotus
  • Momo
  • LuluDelaCruz                        
  • Dream Detective
  • HarryPsychic             
  • Eventrue

Most intimate and fun way to get a reading online award - Oranum

Visit Oranum now or read my extended review here on Signal River

Or for a cheaper alternative, see below for an underrated but good Video chat site!

Psychic Access Video Chat

Psychic Access is actually one of the oldest sites on this list even though its not that well known.  It's owned and run by a middle aged psychic couple and whilst it has a bit of a quaint feel to it (since the website design has not changed much in at least 15 years!)

But they do have some really great readers and are cheaper than the more famous sites like Psychic Source and Keen, and they do care about their customers.

They also offer chat readings online.  Another thing I like is their generous new customer offer (double the free minutes of other sites!)

Psychic Access Promos

  • 6 free minutes
  • more deals for registered customers

Visit Psychic Access or read more about them in my complete review


California Psychics

California Psychics has been around for quite a while now, in the past I had some really great phone readings from there. They focus mainly on phone readings although I think they do also do chat.  They've got an interesting blog and do check out their free daily horoscope.

Special Offers? They are currently offering $1 a minute readings for new customers.

However - The website is now outdated and I've heard some things about the customer service quality going down (please comment with any of your own experiences to help improve this guide)

Psychic Source is usually my first choice so these days I don't use CP as much, if you're a new customer with them you can try their special offers.  However my recommendation is to try PS or Keen first.

California Psychics current promos

  • Big discounts for new customers
  • Some readers at just $1 a minute so it's a great time to try them out.

Visit California Psychics or read my extended review



Back to what you will get out of this site...

As I mentioned, there are my experiences and comparisons of some of the main contenders in the psychic readings world (with more being added) but there’s also info about how to further your spiritual development and learn new skills.

Why is this important? Because a clairvoyant, tarot reader or medium, on his or her own cannot improve your life, but they can offer the tools, encouragement and validation for you to start a new path, continue or even change your life completely.

 It is you that must take what you learn from your reading and put it into action.

Top clairvoyants and gifted spiritual people can show you the path but you are the one who must choose to walk down it! This site helps you with that!

How to get the best psychic reading

So previously I’ve told you where to get the best psychic reading online, now you I’m going to tell you how.  These tips will help to save you money, and also to get the most out of your reading and experience.

Preparing for your reading

taking deep breaths before a readingThis doesn’t need to involve a big ritual (unless you want to!) but there are a few small things you can do.

  1. Take a moment to have some nice deep breaths. This will help to clear your mind.
  2. You may also wish to light a candle or incense.
  3. Then think about your issues and what you really want to ask
  4. Jot down your questions on paper so that you can read it to your psychic.

These simple steps will ensure that you are in a good place mentally and spiritually to receive the advice and guidance, and that you also have a clear idea of what you want to know, which in turn should lead to clearer answers.

It will also save you time (very important for phone and video chat readings!) which saves you money!

You may also wish to record your reading in some way by phone or video, or if not maybe keep a notepad next to you so you can write down a few things to help you remember what the advisor said.  Some of the sites will record your reading for you and send it to you.

After your reading

Have fun like a childTake a little time to relax and reflect on what was said.  Perhaps try staring at a candle for a while or looking at something peaceful.

Then if you have time do something nice for yourself like take a walk in nature or perhaps a nice relaxing bath to wash away and worries.

Remember not to take life too seriously, because most of the things we worry about don't really matter in the end, and to enjoy yourself!

How Specific should my questions be?

Being too specific with your questions can be difficult for the reader is not usually ideal (because you want to know exactly when or where something will happen or some very specific detail). But being too vague or saying too much is confusing.  So if you keep it quite brief but include any important details, it will allow your clairvoyant to focus in much better.

If your question is more vague such as ‘what do you see for my love life in the next year’ and you aren’t currently involved with anyone, then you could just ask that.  But if you have some existing love interests then it would be worth mentioning them to save time.  That way your advisor can zero in on the detailed info that you really want to know, instead of having to figure out those general bits themselves.

Coming up with good questions to ask

girl looks at the mountainsIt really depends on what you want to know and what the context is.  If you’ve got a specific difficult or complex situation, then following the advice above and giving background details to your chosen reader, would be very helpful.

You don't need to share every little detail though, and make sure if you are on the phone or video that you don’t get pumped – that’s when the “psychic” asks you loads of questions then just kind of repeats it all back to you.  If you choose the reputable networks, like those recommended on this website then you should be fine, but if you go for other psychics websites that haven't been recommended then just keep an eye out for that.

If you’re feeling spiritually lost or lost in any way you can simply explain this ask for guidance, and perhaps give a little background detail so that your reader can really help you to forge a path forwards.

If you have choices to make, rather than ask what you Should do, try asking for any divine guidance or psychic guidance on the various options that you have.  Or for info on how to go about making the choice yourself.  You could try asking about which things are really important for you to focus on and which are not.


Don’t become dependent or addicted!

Like my Dad always says, everything in moderation! 

For one thing, the cost of psychic readings can really add up.  Special offers are great but full priced readings are not cheap, particularly phone and video readings.  The email readings I’ve mentioned offer better value for money for the depth that you get.  However the quality of email readings varies greatly as well so if you try other sites it is sometimes different.

Being addicted to anything is not healthy

Psychic readings can be an amazing tool to help you at difficult points in your life or when you are facing big changes or strong feelings that you need guidance with.  A good medium is almost like a counsellor, spiritual advisor as well as someone with a special gift who gets special insights just for you. But that doesn't mean that there aren't...

Limitations to a Psychic Reading

limitations to a psychic readingPsychics are not (usually!) psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors or professional counsellors.  This doesn’t mean you cant get great and powerful advice but becoming dependent on them is not good for you OR the reader, especially since you will be energetically connected in some way.

And like anything, if you don’t put into practice what you’ve been advised, or if you just keep getting them to seek reassurance instead of taking steps to heal yourself or improve your life in the way you want, then you’re going to be wasting your energy and your money.

On the other hand if you choose to take readings as a guiding tool in your life and not overdo it then it can really give you a little extra edge to life that others do not.

What can you expect from a Good reading

Potentially you can expect to find out some hidden details about a particular subject. 

You can also find out what is the likely result of various choices, or whether someone has loving feelings towards you, or info about which career path, how to fix a relationship that has experienced difficulties, or a friend that is troubling you, how to meet someone new or or many things!

Scroll down below to see the main things that people consult psychics about or read on to learn about the nuances of getting a really special reading.

  • You should get kind, healing and spiritual advice if your reader feels it is needed.
  • The advice may often be things that you know to be true inside but can seek to boost your own sense of self confidence.  At other times however it will reveal things that you could not know any other way and that might not even make sense until later.
  • In my opinion, the very best readings are when the reader provides you with options and positive advice to help things to go your way.

Can you ask anything?

This does not mean that just getting a reading is going to solve all your problems.  For one thing your reader could be wrong, it happens!  And anyway all they can really do is shine light on a situation, you are the one who will need to act upon what you have heard or read.

meditate before your readingAlso you should ask yourself before hand if you definitely want to know the answer to certain questions! Just because you can ask doesn't always mean you should! Consult your inner guide before a reading to be sure its the right thing for you.

You may wish to know things about the present or even the past.  Or things about the thoughts of others.  Or maybe you want to know about the future.

Some intuitives will not read the minds of others due to ethical reasons, others will depending on the context.  Some readers won’t look into the future and will only advise on the present or the very near future, but most of them are happy to look forward.

That’s why its good to read the details provided by each reader on their bio pages, as well as their customer feedback, as these are the kind of subtle but important differences that can change your reading experience from good (or even bad) to great!

Getting Spiritual or Healing Advice

If you need spiritual counselling choose a sympathetic and knowledgeable reading and he or she will be able to recommend spiritual practices that they are psychically drawn to in connection with you.  This can be a great shortcut to finding tips to improve your life. 

In the past I have been recommended to try specific affirmations, and some particular styles of meditation that I was not aware of before, that have really helped me.

Become a psychic yourself!

Ok for most of us it takes time to develop spiritual gifts, and reading for yourself can be particularly tricky, even for professional tarot readers, but a great way to develop your intuition, and save money is to start learning the tarot and get some friends along the way!  That way you can learn together and read for each other, and also yourselves!

I’ve been reading the tarot for myself and friends for a few years now and whilst I do still get paid readings it’s a nice addition to my life, so why not give it or some other form of divination, a try?  If you want to learn more you can read here about developing psychic abilities.

Be aware of Scams

Sadly many people have been duped by fake psychics that claim that the client needs a curse removal or spells to avoid bad luck and so on.  NEVER pay extra for curses or spells and be wary of anyone being weird in this way.  You can read all about avoiding scams here and also comment and add anyone that you know of that is a scammer!

Psychic Readings are Great For...

Looking for love

It’s very common to use a psychic to look into your love life, and I have had really great results using them for this.

Talented love psychics are good at sensing when you energy will have the chance to connect with someone romantically, and can offer you a time frame that you are likely to meet someone in, and places to go or things to wear that will help this along.

They can also let you know if someone likes you or not and how a potential relationship could be.  Specialists in love such as the Love Queen are recommended.

Relationship Advice

Another excellent time to consult a clairvoyant is in a relationship.

If you have just started seeing someone and want to know if they will call again, or if they have good intentions, or what is going on in their heads and hearts, psychic advice can be great.

Relationship readers are also very helpful in looking into longer-term relationships, maybe helping you to solve problems and difficulties, or looking into your future together.

They can also give you advice on how to take your relationship to a deeper level.

Money and Career advice

psychic readings for careerPsychic readings can help you find out if you are on the right career path for you, whether you can trust a business partner or deal, and what the future holds for a new business venture or career move.

You can seek advice on how to progress in your career or even if you should go back to studying.

Money is a type of energy in itself and so readers can often predict when it is likely to enter or leave your life, and can often offer tips on how to increase the flow of money by what you do, think and even wear.

Big Life Choices

If you have a big decision to make, a psychic explore what the consequences will be of each choice.

(How?  Because the future is full of potentials, not fixed.  Think about it, if it were fixed there would be little point in getting a reading as you wouldn’t be able to change anything anyway!)

This is one of the main reasons I use psychic readings, as well as for love.

Looking for Direction

Sometimes people don’t actually have a question but they are just generally looking for advice and help, and sometimes emotional healing and a little direction.

If that’s what you want just let the spiritual advisor know and a good one will offer you both practical and emotional ways to make you happier and healthier, and help you find your life’s desires.

Pet Psychics

What do you do when your pet suddenly starts misbehaving a lot, or acting strangely? Perhaps your pet is lost?

If you suspect he or she is ill you must naturally consult a vet, but for strange behavior a pet clairvoyant may be able to help.

Be wary of those that say they can converse with your pet, I feel this is unlikely, but instead what they should do is connect with them emotionally and energetically to find out why for instance why they aren’t responding to their name anymore or why they are suddenly not sleeping in their bed.

Make sure you choose a psychic who specializes in pets and animals.



Hopefully my guide has proved useful, but there's plenty more to read if you're still curious.  So take a look around the site for the lowdown and reviews on the best psychic websites and readings or if you're ready to make the leap choose from my top 3 recommendations for 2020 below!

My Top Overall Recommendations:

Best Psychic Phone Readings - Visit Psychic Source

Best Psychic Email Readings - Visit StormJewel's Psychics

Best New Special Offers - Visit Keen

Take Care


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