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Cleanse your third eyeWe are all filled with energies. Our bodies resonate energies. And through our bodies lie seven energy centers called the chakras. One of the most important chakras is the pineal gland or the the third eye chakra. This seat of energy connects both our physical and spiritual abilities.

But as we grow into adulthood, the pineal gland gets calcified or blocked. This causes various issues such as nightmares, stress, close-mindedness, headaches, fatigue and confusion. Cleansing and detoxifying the third eye allows us to function better and helps us have blissful sleep.

Functions of the Third Eye

The third eye chakra is a very powerful gland in our body. It allows us to see what our human eyes cannot see. Strong third eye abilities allow psychics to see into the past and future. The third eye also influences our waking and sleeping life. It also helps us in doing creative endeavors.

The third eye or the pineal gland was said to lie on the forehead but over time and non-use, the third eye sunk into the brain. Without a clear third eye, a human is unable to attain a balance between spiritual and physical life.

1. Better sleep – The pineal gland controls the release of sleep hormones such as melatonin. It also contributes to other bodily functions. When it is blocked, you will have insomnia or inability to sleep well and fully.

2. Vivid Dreaming – Humans go through three sleep stages, light sleep, deep sleep and REM. During REM, we dream. This is the way of our brain to consolidate our conscious life and subconscious. Without REM or dreams, we may feel exhausted and stressed.

3. Lucid Dreaming – Lucid dreaming allows us to experience adventure and life even if we are asleep. It allows us to dream consciously. This gives us the ability to travel, play and do things even if we are asleep. Lucid dreaming is both relaxing and exciting as well.

4. Astral Projection – Our third eye is responsible for allowing our spirit to leave the body without dying. It allows us to travel to different realms. Strong astral projections even allow time traveling into the past and visiting the future.

5. Creativity – The pineal gland influences our creativity. It helps us do things outside of the box. Without enough energy to it, we may feel stale and bored.

Ability to see and sense auras and energies – Our third eye chakra is responsible for seeing people for who they truly are. It allows us to sense their energies or even see their chakras.

Third Eye Detox

feng-shui-1516582_640Detoxifying your third eye is important to attain balance in your mind and body. When you have a clear third eye, you can find peace, good night sleep and heightened consciousness. Meditation, Yoga, Chanting and food intake as well as dietary changes can help you achieve this.

1. Meditation – Meditation is powerful way of cleansing your third eye. It allows you to clear your mind from thoughts and feelings that may burden you in your everyday life. It also allows you to release stress from work or relationships. Meditation also allows us to hear the voice of the Universe through connecting with it's very fiber.

You may either use a guided meditation or you can meditate by yourself. Daily meditation is important in order to unload your conscious mind.

2. Yoga – For more than a thousand years, the Hindus have harness the secret of harnessing the power of the body in order to clear the mind and soul. The body is the vessel that holds the spirit and is therefore responsible for many things that occur in one's spiritual life.

Yoga allows you to experience an out of the body experience by putting you in various poses. Some poses are made to specially clear certain energy paths. The breathing in yoga also allows you to feel light and tranquil.

3. Chanting – Chanting OM allows vibrations to flow into your third eye chakra. Vibrations are needed in order for it to avoid calcification. OM also allows your heart chakra so send energy to your third eye chakra.

4. Eating green leafy vegetables – Organic vegetables free from artificial pesticides and fertilizers help you absorb more energy from the sun. This in turn fuels your third eye chakra. Also drinking green tea can help you feel more calm. Green tea allows you to release stress in your body because it has flavonoids that fight free radicals and oxidation in your body.

5. Avoid taking fluoride – Fluoride is responsible for calcification not only in your body but also in your third eye chakra. Using baking soda instead of toothpaste to brush your teeth can be helpful. Avoid drinking tap water or cooking with it.

6. Avoid eating red meat – red meat is high in additives such as antibiotics and is also high in carcinogens. This in turn influences and disrupts your normal body rhythm. Red meat also causes your body to heat up too quickly which can cause an imbalance in your resting versus active phases.

7. Eating fatty fish and taking oils high in Omega-3 – Omega three is good for the brain, the heart and your health. It helps promote a balance in your sleep cycles and promotes blissful sleep. It allows a good flow of energy into your third eye chakra

8. Enough rest and sleep – Abusing your waking life can lead into a stressed third eye chakra. If you do not have enough sleep, your subconscious and conscious mind will be imbalanced. You need to have enough sleep in order for your pineal gland to rest and to recuperate from the day's activities.

Importance of Third Eye Detoxify

When you detoxify your body you feel good. When you detoxify your mind you think well. But when you detoxify your third eye chakra, you both cleanse your mind and body. This has to be periodically done in order to attain balance and peace.

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