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Reviewer: Lucy Langley
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Get a Psychic Reading with KeenKeen are one of the oldest and best known psychic networks, but are they any good?

Find out in my keen psychic review.

Overall I’ve had really good experiences with keen, and where they excel is in having a large choice of readers, good special offers and also that it’s easy to view the psychics by their skill sets, eg love and relationship readings, pet psychics.

Keen offer psychic readings by phone and psychic chat readings, both of which I enjoy, although I have had more psychic phone readings than chat.

Visit Keen's Psychics - 10 mins for $10

Keen Psychic Reviews - Customer Service

Keen’s customer service is purely web based and while it is nice to be able to speak to someone on the phone as you can do with Psychic Source, their customer service advisers are available 24 hrs a day and you can instant message them so there is no waiting around, and they have always been polite and helpful when I have contacted them.

Keen have a satisfaction guarantee that means you can get a refund of up to $25 to spend on another reading which is great.

Quality of Psychics

As far as I am aware Keen don’t have a particularly strict screening process, so I highly recommend trying psychics that you have heard good things about, or check the feedback left by other customers.

Why then do I recommend this network?  It’s because through trial and error I’ve now got some excellent trusted psychics that I get great results from at reasonable prices – find out who they are in my best keen psychics list.

A bonus point for keens psychics is that unlike some sites, you do see the odd bad review (this is normal, psychic readings are not a 100% exact science and occasionally a reader will have difficulty ‘tuning in’) but this is actually reassuring as you know you aren’t just getting all the good reviews.

Site Layout and Content

The site layout is easy to use and you can search readers by skill.  There’s also lots of information on psychic readings and spiritual subjects, which is great if you aren’t quite ready for a reading.

The psychics have a good profile pages with lots of info about them, and where you can check out their recent reviews.

You can bookmark and save your favorite readers, which is really handy.

Keens Psychic Reviews - Prices and Special Offers

The price of each psychic per minute is clearly displayed next to them.

Readers vary greatly in price but I really feel that there is never any need to pay double digit figures per minute for a psychic reading.  My recommended readers average cost is around $3-$4 per minute and they provide excellent readings at that price.

Keen regularly do special offers for existing customers if you sign up to get emails from them, which is good so keep an eye out for that.

Special Offers for New Customers

Keen have two special offers for new customers at the moment:

Get the first 3 mins free

Or get 10 mins for $1.99 (definitely a better deal in my view)

Keen Psychic Reviews

Because Keen’s selection of readers is so large and they are not very strict with testing, it’s highly recommended that if you want to save money you try one of my tested readers.  All of the psychics in my list have repeatedly proved themselves either to me or other people I have spoken to.

My Recommended Keen Psychics List

These psychics are not only psychically talented but have usually shown themselves to be ethical and nice people.

Readers in bold are my favorites.


  • Ravenstar7
    Member since 11/6/2000  ($4.99)
  • Starbreezetarot
    Member since 2/21/2003  ($3.99 - $5.99)
  • Louisebell
    Member since 5/1/2005  ($3.33 - $4.99)
  • Lisa Dianne
    Member since 9/25/2006 ($3.88)
  • SourcePower
    Member since 5/29/2005  ($4.94-$5.75)

  • Jerry Cassell
    Member since 10/3/2002  ($2.99) - great price!!

  • Tarot Magician
    Member since 9/18/2001  ($1.99-$2.19) - great price!!
  • Stella by Starlight
    Member since 4/2/2001 ($2.98)
  • Laurie Lee 90210
    Member since 8/11/2003 ($2.99-$3.99)

Got a favorite keen psychic?  Let me know!

Can't find the reader on keen, or there are two with the same name?

Q. I can't find the reader you listed when I click your link

A. This is most likely because Keen only puts a selection of their readers as available for the 10 mins for $1.99 special offer.  If you don't like any of the psychics you see you can try clicking the link for the free 3 minutes. If you still don't see the reader you want I suggest trying out one of their other readers to make the most of your introductory discount, after all you might discover the next great psychic! and if you do please let me know! Then afterwards you can always try the people I've listed above as you will have access the  full list of psychics.

Q. There are two psychics with the same name.  The easiest way to make sure that you have got the reader you wanted is to check when they have been registered since.  This will allow you to distinguish between different people with the same name.

Keen Psychic Reviews – Final Thoughts

Overall Keen provides a good experience if you want a psychic reading, and whilst the screening process isn’t as strict as other psychic sites, by sticking to the psychics you know to be good you will get a really great reading at an excellent price.

So if you are wanting some insightful psychic advice that doesn't cost the earth, I recommend trying out Keen, especially with the new member special offers that they do, although if this is your first psychic reading and you want to get started quickly you may want to try psychic source first.

Without further ado, I present Keen with the

'Widest Choice of Psychics' Award

Visit Keen Psychics

(current special offer - first 10 mins for $1.99)

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