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The human realm is not the only realm in this planet. Our lives intertwine with entities and spirits. Spirit guides are friendly spirits who wish us good will and blessings.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are entities that surround us to provide assistance, wisdom and guidance. They are normally seen as energy forms at are either manifested in images, shadows or sometimes solid human or animal forms or balls of white light energy. Sometimes we interchange them with the term angels. Angels however are of a different form since they are of a higher existence and cannot take an incarnate form.

Spirit Guides protect and guide us so that we can achieve success, blessings and enlightenment. We can sometimes associate them with our conscience.

Who has Spirit Guides?

Ancient Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides. Babies and children seem to have the greatest connection with them. This is because spirit guides are subtle energies that do not try to override our freewill. Children are normally are less stressed and let their minds flow more easily. Disabled people especially those who have visual and hearing impairments sometimes also exhibit higher awareness towards their spirit guides. Their lack of one sensory perception allows their psyche to open their third eye or sixth sense. Old people and people nearing death may also be able to have a great communication with the spirit guides since they have almost stepped into the realm of the spirits.

But there are also normal people who have great connections with spirit guides. These people are either empaths or psychics. They are able see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) or feel (clairconizance) things to come, or things that happened in the past. They can communicate and ask spirit guides for help and guidance as well as questions about certain matters.

Since everyone has spirit guides, all of us can tune into and connect with them. However, there are times we find this difficult because our chakra and our mind’s eye are blocked or our hearts are full of stress and anxiety.

How do Spirit Guides Connect with Us?

Spirit guides try to connect with us in our daily lives. They are to push us into certain directions to help us be successful or to keep us out of danger. They provide many ways to tell us what we should do.


Since time in memorial dreams have been one of the strongest ways of spirit guides to let us know what is to happen or what needs to be done. When we are asleep our mind is put to rest and we are unlikely to filter our thoughts. At this point, spirit guides may take a form of someone or something and can directly communicate with you as a normal person would when you are awake. When we dream our bodies go into a state of paralysis yet our mind perceives things as we are truly experiencing them. This is an open channel for our guides to inculcate their messages.

Sense of Intuition and Gut Feelings

Sometimes we get a sense of jolt and we feel something different. This is another way our guides talk to us. Sometimes we are about to go out or to travel then we would have a sense of foreboding. This is their way of saving us form eminent dangers. Sometimes the guides also give us feelings about people around us. They tell us who is to be trusted or not.

Signs and Signals

Humans have used the signs of times since the dawn of history. We have used sun dials to tell time, road signs to guide us and signs from the heavens to foretell the future. Spirit guides sometimes use a combination of things to point us to something. Like wanting to find your soul mate, sometimes you ask for a sign, for a man or woman wearing red, to pass you by at 3 o’clock on the 13th of February. Our guides then help us by throwing us signals. They may not all be the exact ones you are asking for but you would feel if they are the signs that would lead you to what you seek.  Sometimes people can start to feel odd when they are getting symptoms of a spiritual awakening, because of the power of the energies.

Foresight and Premonitions

Some individuals have their minds eye opened and are able to see glimpses of the future or the past. Others are able to access this at random moments when the spirits want to send you strong messages. A lot of people may have this during a young age but they block it for fear or the unknown or unknowingly block it because of disbelief and stress.

Help From Other People

Guides can use people to give you a push or nudge into doing something. They can tell that person what you need to do. They may also use psychics to provide you greater knowledge of the future or past which is very essential for you to know.

How Do I Connect to My Spirit Guide?

There are many ways for you to allow your guide to bestow gifts and messages to you. You must first be open to this experience. The guides would never try to control you or impose something on you. You may allow them to flow their energy through your being.

Meditation and Prayer

The oldest and easiest form of communicating with your spirit guides. Mediation allows you to open your mind and soul without counteracting the messages from the realm of the spirits. This also allows you to experience the relativity of time and space. Sometimes you may find yourself sitting only for five minutes in your meditative state, yet you have already travelled into a different plain for many hours.

Prayer allows you to communicate with the cosmos. It allows you seek and ask for favours. It also allows you to ask for forgiveness. This is vital for attaining balance.

Keeping a Journal and Writing Letters

You may want to write letters to your guides, much like the ancients did who burned these pieces of paper to allow the smoke enter the realm of the guides. You may also want to write into a diary. This would allow you to focus more or the energies about you. You may also write your dreams down to avoid forgetting them. Dreams are normally forgotten 78% of the time after waking up. Being able to record this, will allow you to interpret or have them interpreted for you later.

Consulting Someone Who has a Good Communication With Spirit Guides

A lot of people are doubtful about divination, psychics and empaths. But these people are normally more aware of what the guides are meaning to say to you. They can also help you to discover who your spirit guides are. You must find someone intuitive and empathetic to you. Some may try to scam you, but you must allow your guides to find a person who can truly help you in communicating with them more. If you are looking for a psychic that is recommended you can check here.

Spirit guides play an important part of our day to day lives. They help us with achieving our dreams and aspirations. They help us to be safe. We should try to acknowledge their presence.

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