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Reviewer: Lucy Langley
Rating: 4.5/5
Website Reviewed: Oranum Website

Oranum has been around for about eight years now and offers a large selection of psychics for video chat, but are they any good?

Find out in my Oranum Review - updated for 2019.

Oranum is different from many of the other networks like Keen and Psychic Source as they don’t do readings by phone, but instead offer psychic chat via video, (webcam) where you can see and hear your psychic and talk to them via typing.

I think that psychic video chat is a great way of getting a psychic reading, especially if you don’t feel confident enough or not in the mood to speak to a reader via the phone.

If you simply want to know who are my favourite and best psychics on Oranum then scroll down to the bottom where I have listed the people I have tried and can recommend.

Free Psychic Chat - Oranum Reviews

One of the best things about Oranum is that they offer free psychic chat. 

Visit Oranum's Chat Psychics

What this means is that you can see, hear and speak (via typing) to them without paying.  They aren’t really supposed to answer specific psychic questions here as it’s just to give you a feel of the psychic to see if you connect and like them.

However many times I’ve seen that they do answer a question or pull a card from a tarot deck, or even show someone’s birth chart interpretation for free (I've seen Dream Detective do this).

If you find someone you really like you can then pay to take him or her into a private room.

Psychics also do a ‘free demo reading’ where she or he will pick someone who is in the chat room and give them a free 10 minute reading which is really cool.

What I also really like about the site now is that each psychic has a 'wall' a bit like on facebook, where people can comment and leave feedback and also the psychics can post videos or other things.  This really helps you to get a feel of what the reader is like and how popular they are.

Also if you click the button next to the search bar you can find all kinds of categories where you can find psychics by different specialities, eg love readings, angel cards, animal psychics and even face reading which sounds very intriguing!

Oranum's Website &  Customer Service - Review

I love Oranum’s website, it’s easy to use and looks great.  This is probably because they opened in 2010 (in Poland) and 2011 (in the States), and specialise in video chat so their technology is more recent than other sites.

There are loads of free games where you get fun mini-readings by picking a tarot card and so on, and they offer free horoscopes too.

Support is by email which some people don’t like but it’s fine for me as I found that they get back to you very quickly 24hrs a day and you don’t have to pay for expensive phone calls.

It’s really easy to search for psychics and you can look by category, eg love and relationships, or search by years of experience, psychics name, customer ratings and more.

Oranum Pricing Review

As with Keen, individual psychics choose their rates, and so you can get some great readings that are good value for money (cheaper than keen!).

There are lots of ways to pay, which is handy, including direct debit or bank wire, credit and debit card and pay by phone.  When you choose to pay by phone you are assigned a premium rate number and your phone is charged accordingly.

The pricing of Oranum’s psychics can appear a little obscure as the rates are credits per min, and only when you sign up can you really see how much they cost but it’s actually very intuitive at $1 per credit in the States.  I believe people in Europe pay more.

Quite a few readers do a rate of 0.99 credits per minute so you can end up getting a 20 minute reading for around $20 which is a lot cheaper than the other psychic networks I have reviewed.

Quality of Oranum's Psychics

When Oranum first opened, they were not very strict with their recruiting process.  However, having spoken to some psychics who have worked for them I can now confirm that the screening is much better and psychics must do an interview and a test reading.  They are then put on probation for 4 weeks, then they do another test reading and if the psychics pass they get to stay!

Just like Keen, Oranum is great because it has so much choice.  Since I originally wrote this review Oranum has become better at vetting psychics and from my experience and what others tell me, the overall quality of the readers have improved.

As with any psychic reading never believe anyone that says you are cursed or wants to charge you to do spells for luck or safety.  Previously on Oranum, there used to be some psychics who would say this but I don't see this any more.  However, just in case, the free chat allows you the time you need to assess a reader so you can avoid the questionable ones and find the talented ones.

Like the other good networks, they do offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your reading but I haven’t had to use that as I have always picked well from the free chat or customer reviews and recommendations.

If you’d rather just know now who is good, I’ve found some great psychics on Oranum from my own experiences and those of others so here is my...

List of Recommended Oranum Psychics

Used a talented psychic on Oranum? - Let me know.

Updated for 2019

My favourites and those recommended are:

LoveDrNikki - Free chat with her is fun and interesting, uses interesting tools and has won an award for her readings on Oranum

WhiteLotus13 – very kind and accurate

Claridad - lovely lady who also speaks Spanish

Gloriatv - Great love and relationship specialist. Also speaks Italian Russian and Ukranian!

Truthful - Love specialist, very popular so you may have to wait to get a reading with her

CrystalFairy - Wise Latina lady who uses crystals and shells

MattWarren - Kind, gets to the point quickly, also speaks french and spanish

LyndaSpirtMedium - Recommended Pet Psychic and also Medium

Oranum Review - Summary

All in all, I really like Oranum.  Their pricing is excellent if you shop around to get readers with cheap rates. Their psychic video chat works well and is a great way to get readings, and I just love the fact that you can chat to the readers before hand and see live demo readings.  Customer service is prompt and professional.

Therefore I am happy to award Oranum as winner of the

‘Best Psychic Chat’ category!

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