Have you ever wondered who you were in the past? Have you ever had haunting dreams where you felt you were actually there as if it really happened? Have you ever felt an unexplainable familiarity with a place you have just visited? Have you ever wondered if you were someone good or bad in the past? Well if you have then you may well benefit from a past life reading.

What is a past life reading? A past life reading is a reading done by a clairvoyant who has the ability to access and look into your past. He or she then connects to your past self or selves and gives you insights into who you are back then. This allows you to understand who you really are and if there are unresolved matters that you need to complete in this present life.

Past Life Readings Vs. Past Life Regression

Past Life Readings

A past life reading is a special reading done by an expert reader who can not only look into your future, but can also look into several past lives. He or she would normally describe this to you as looking at a long movie where in he normally sees a paused clip or chunks of the movie that make an impact to the whole story. The psychic can look into your past life jobs, family members and romantic affairs as well. He or she can tell you if in the past you have ever done anything that can help others or something that may have hurt someone or some people greatly. After the reading he or she normally gives you some advise on how to make amends and how to grow better and move forward. Some readers offer past life cleansing in order for you to be free of negative energies that may have clung to you in the past.

On the other hand, you may also embark into a journey called past life regression. In this method, you are able to connect personally with your past self. A lot of people would want to to personally relive their past and see what was there so they may choose this option. There are many ways to do a pastlife regression. You may first opt to get the assistance of a good hypnotist who can assist you with a past life hypnotic regression. He or she will use hypnotic therapy to open the door of the past for you. You may also opt for astral projection. In this method, you allow your soul to leave your body and travel back to the plane in which you once lived. Others may also try meditation to open the pineal gland or the third eye chakra in order for them look into the past. On the other hand, some individuals may find these too difficult and confusing to connect to their past. They may it find it scary and shocking to relive their past lives. Instances where in danger and death that has happened to you in the past may be too stressful to your psyche and soul. But if you are brave enough and you know you can handle it, then you may opt for this method. But if you feel that this is something you do not wish to take on by yourself or you feel that a psychic can help you better then a past life reading is for you.

Benefits of Past Life Readings

Past Life ReadingsOur consciousness is made of energy. It may be filled with either positive or negative energy. Normally, people are not born negative, however past burdens or misgivings can lead to burdens to the very roots of our soul. This may cause us to feel pain, misery, sorrow or even sickness. By knowing your past self, you allow this knowledge for you to work towards correcting the mistakes you may commited in the past. You may also make amends to the ones you have hurt or even move on from the pain that others have caused you in your past lives.

1. A Better Sense of Self – By connecting to your past life, you will now know who you were in the past. Were you a doctor? A thief? A farmer? A sailor? A mermaid? You will get a clue why you are drawn to certain types of people and why you have such traits that you would want to know more about. Once you have discovered your past self or selves, you can now grow better so that your future self can be better too.

2. Healing the Past – A lot of people feel a deep sense of guilt for no reason. But this sense of guilt may be rooted to a past incident in their life. They may have wronged someone. This person may inadvertently cursed them or wished them ill. By knowing who the people you have wronged, you may ask their life force for forgiveness. You may try to envision cutting the cord from that past even and moving on from there.

3. Healing the Body – Many people often say that the body is the manifestation of the soul. That if the soul is afflicted, then it shows in your body. There are times that we cannot explain why we cannot sleep or eat properly even though we have willed ourselves to do so. Some people suffer from emotional eating leading to obesity while others are depressed and lonely all the time. Both past life readings and past life regression can help you tune into the deepest and oldest parts of your psyche and allow you to find joy and healing for your body. This allows a good synergy between mind and body. By doing so, you can now create a balance so that you can feel happier and healthier.

4. Growing Towards the Future – No one knows what will happen tomorrow except for a few psychics who are given the gift to see through the fabric of time. However the fabric of time changes and shifts. It is like the currents of the ocean. Sometimes the currents bring you away or towards the shore. In the quest for living a better life and ensureing a good reincarnation in the future, you must now find wholeness. This wholeness can be achieved by knowing who you are and what your purpose in life is. At times, the knowledge of your past self/selves can help you to create a better future. You can try to gravitate towards a more positive tomorrow by cleansing the past and also by visualizing the future. By connecting to your past self, you can find out why you can to your current self, which was back then your future self. This then leads to predicting what is to come in future.

Past life readings has many benefits. Finding a good and emphatic reader can impact your journey towards finding who you were before. This journey can create a beautiful view of the past. It allows you to look back without fear and anxiety of reliving your past. You must make sure that the reader can fully connect to your past and he or she can see what this past gives to your present and future. I hope you can find this enlightening in your journey to finding a good past life reading.

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