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Have you ever wondered what really happened in the past? Or have you ever felt that there is something in another space and time that you really want to see. Have you ever known deep down inside you that time is not really linear and that you can see planes of time and space but you are constricted due to your physical form?

Well you can good news is that you can travel through space and time. You can do Astral Projection. Astral projection is the ability to let your spirit separate from your body, usually during sleep and travel into space and time. And since your spirit is not in a physical form, it can go to places that are farther than the current physical realm

Time Traveling

Since the dawn of time, man has wanted to know what there is in the future. He has wanted to reach into the future and know what will be or know what has happened in the past. Man also dreams of flying. He dreams of seeing the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon. But man is man. He is bound to a physical body. This body allows him to experience the joy that is life.

However physical life can also be limiting. It causes hunger, pain and suffering. There are times that the body also limits movement and mobility. There are even souls born in the wrong body. Time causes our bodies to grow old, wither and die.

At the present time, empirical data does not show any means of time traveling but for centuries, the Hindus, the Celtics and Pagans have always known about out of body experiences.

Time according to Albert Einstein is relative. It is not one straight line. Thus we can hop from spot to spot if we can move faster than time.

Ways of Achieving Astral Projection

Astral Projection and time traveingAstral projection or out of body experiences allow our souls to travel to different planes or even different times and realities. This fact is truly liberating. It means we are not just humans but souls and spirits that are truly free.

There are many ways to do astral projection. Some people find it very natural to them and can easily move into the fabric of time. While others need other methods and aids to allow their spirits to fly.

1. Hypnosis – Hypnosis is a form of meditative relaxation that allows your mind to rest. Once your mind is at rest, your soul can easily separate from your body. This will enable you to travel to other places and times. You can use a guided hypnosis to do it yourself but if you are a beginner, it is best to consult an expert hypnotist.

2. Sleep – When we sleep, our conscious mind and subconscious mind merge during moments before REM. This may also be known as lucid dreaming.

When we are in this state our souls become more buoyant and we can easily move out of our bodies. A word of caution though for some people who are not well rooted to their bodies have not returned. Practice going to nearby places first when you do this step.

3. Meditation – Meditation clears the mind and allows your breath and your soul become one. It stills you heart and quiets your thoughts. This is a good way to allow your soul to be free. Constant meditation is needed for you to achieve a certain state of consciousness where in you can separate you mind from your body.

4. Shamanism - Many shamans practice out of body experiences. It is part of their healing methods and their ability to connect to the spirits. You may practice shamanism by learning shamanic rituals. Shamans use plants and herbs to create brews. One popular plant that is used is the Ahayusca plant from the Amazonian planes.

These plants aid their spiritual travels by liberating the soul from the body. But once it does wear off, you can easily return to you physical world.

5. Accidents and near death experiences – Many people who have almost died are given a gift of transcending space and time and being able to move from plane to plane. The physical trauma somehow changes the connection between their bodies and souls. This therefore allows them to do astral projection.

On the other hand some people experience out of body experiences through heavy drugs like LSDs and hallucinogens. This is not recommended at all because you will not be sure if you are really experiencing spiritual travel or you are just having a hallucination. Another thing is that these drugs are artificial and cause damage to your body and brain, this leads to damage to your spirit.

Benefits of Time Traveling via Astral Projection

Astral projection is a great way to find happiness, peace and experience worlds that you can never see with your physical eyes. It allows you to see the past, present, future and even other realms.

1. Finding peace – By traveling in time to your past life, you can know why you are having some afflictions in your current life. You can them work them out and find peace and solace.

2. Knowing the future – Some astral travelers are able to travel forward and see what is to come. This allows them to prepare for the future or be at peace with it. It allows them to see possibilities that are to come.

3. Adventures – When you were young, you longed for adventure. But due to work, family and the demands of your current life, you are unable to go and do the things you like. You are unable to see the world. Time traveling is an awfully big adventure.

A Word of Caution

Before trying out body experiences and time traveling via astral projection, remember the limits of your soul and your body. The string that is connected to your soul and body may be cut. Other entities may also want to take over your body if you leave it unattended. Protect your body before venturing out of it. Also do not over do astral projection since it may weaken the bond between spirit and body.

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