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Are you confused about different psychic terminology? People often contact me for clarification because they would like to know the difference between various terms as often you see references to these terms when searching for an online psychic reading.

Sometimes you also want to know because you have a specific problem or query and need a specific type of psychic. For instance if you are hoping to get a message from someone that has passed then you would need a medium.

If you want to know about what other people are feeling or thinking then a psychic with strong empathy skills can be very useful. Empaths are also good if you are finding it hard to put what you are feeling into words as they can then hopefully tune into you and your emotions to help you out.

Of course there is often a huge amount of overlap between terms, and many psychics will possess several of these abilities all at once. I’d say that most psychics have empathetic abilities in one way or another, and generally you would expect mediums to be good at channeling. That said many psychics channel spirit guides or angels or other types of guides or advisors, but cannot necessarily do mediumship, which is a special skill all of its own.

Another reason people email me is because they are looking to develop their own psychic skills and they want to know the name for what they are experiencing so that they can look it up and find exercises or even a teacher to show them how to continue to develop their psychic gifts. I do believe that we can all be psychic with practice (though like many things it does come naturally to some people more than others) but like many things anyone who is open minded, determined and prepared to practice, will see improvements in their abilities if they put the effort in.

We certainly all know that everybody experiences feelings of intuition, though some people get mixed up about this too so I have included some info about that in the picture.

Of course there are many psychic abilities that I have not covered in my infographic (didn’t want it to be longer than the Great Wall of China!), for instance dream interpreters, pet psychics and communicators and automatic writers (those who channel guides but express what they are channeling by going into a trance and letting themselves write whatever the guides send). Another highly sought after psychic skill is those who can find lost objects. Some psychics just use their minds eye to picture the item; others may use dowsing techniques, such as with a pendulum. Even if they are not close to you they may be able to do this by drawing a little map of your house and dangling the pendulum over each room to see where it is. It’s easier for a psychic to do this when they have seen the layout of your house though!

Less common psychic abilities (and perhaps less useful?) include clairgustance (experiencing tastes that are not coming from you) and clairalience (this term refers to psychics who can smell things that are being psychically shown to them).

I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion regarding psychic abilities, but if you have any questions not answered here please do get in touch and I will include it here!

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