Psychic Dream ReadingEvery night you create a fantasy land in your mind, a mixture of things you’ve seen, heard or thought about, some stuff you probably haven’t consciously thought of for years, and some stuff that seems completely random and new to you.

Here I’ll tell you how to remember your dreams.  With just a little practice you can be really good at it.

Why learn how to remember your dreams?

If you know how to remember your dreams you can not only enjoy the stories you create but you can also learn to interpret the messages your unconscious is trying to give you, resolve past and current issues, get a dream interpretation reading from a psychic, lucid dreaming, or astral travel or projection (where your spirit leaves your body for a short while), and even sometimes predict the future or dream about something that is happening at the time.

Uncover the real meaning of your dream with a psychic dream reading

With practice you can also become a good dream reader - interpreting the subconscious messages for yourself, friends and family and even as a job.

I taught myself to remember dreams when I was about 13 and the good news is that it was very easy and really only took about a month or two to master as I recall, and I’m going to tell you how I did that here, and also offer you some other methods should you need them.

7 Easy Steps to Remember your Dreams

  1. Go to bed with the intention of remembering your dreams
  2. Leave a pen and paper (your dream journal) by your bedside.
  3. Try and make sure you get enough sleep, I often don’t remember my dreams if I don’t sleep enough. (I think that is because once you’ve had enough deep sleep you go into a lighter phase where you dream.  There is no dreaming in very deep sleep, and though you would have had dreams earlier on you won’t remember them).
  4. As soon as you wake write down anything you remember from your dream.  You can include drawings, notes and anything else that helps you.  Be sure to write things like speaking and dialogue down first as these tend to be forgotten very quickly.
  5. Write down any strong emotions or feelings from the dream.   Did you get a certain feeling about someone or something? Note it down as it will really help with dream interpretation.
  6. Didn’t get round to writing down your dream or can’t be bothered? (you should because it helps but I know that sometimes I was lazy).  Just keep going over and over the details of the dream in your head, and if possible tell someone about it as saying it aloud really helps you to remember it better. (Beware of giving things away that you didn’t mean to though, sometimes dream messages that seem very obscure can become obvious when voiced and you might not want this).
  7. Rinse and repeat, in 1-2 months you should find your dream recall Much much improved and then the fun can begin!

I told you it was easy didn’t I!

How to Remember your Dreams - Top Tips

If you are having difficultly remembering to remember your dreams(!), try putting a little note to yourself where you will see it as soon as you wake up.

When you do remember some dreams, think about them regularly throughout the day and before you go to bed, and be ready for a sudden trigger of your memory.  Quite often as evening approaches and I am preparing for bed just the thought of going to bed jogs my memory of previously forgotten dreams from the night before.

If you are super keen (and a good sleeper) you may want to try waking yourself in the middle of the night to write down your dreams.  I never found it necessary to do this but it’s also a popular technique for those who are trying to control their dreams (lucid dreaming).

I’ve occasionally known people to do this process, get good at remembering dreams and then find they suddenly can’t remember dreams at all for a bit.  If this happens to you it’s probably a sign that you aren’t yet ready to hear all the messages from your subconscious.  Leave it for a few months or until it feels right, then try again and see what happens!

How to Remember Your Dreams - Conclusion

With a little bit of practicing the method above, you will be really good at remembering dreams and then it is up to you where you want to take it, lucid dreaming is a great next stop – anyone fancy flying around at will, going anywhere or seeing anything or just mad conscious adventures??!

Have you had a dream that you would like interpreted?

Had a recurring dream or one that made a strong impact on you?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you would benefit from an interpretation from a dream reader.

To find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you, or whether your dream is actually predicting future events, see these excellent psychic dream readers and interpreters.

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