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The accuracy or otherwise of horoscopes is something that has always intrigued me.  Astrology appears to works on basically incorrect ideas about what happens to the stars and planets and yet it can be spookily accurate.

Here I'll explore the question of how accurate are horoscopes and tell you how you can maximize your chances of getting the most accurate horoscopes.

Are Horoscopes Accurate? The confusing bit!

The stars don’t actually move, we do, but astrology takes it the other way round.  For example you may have heard the term ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’, a term that strikes cold fear into the heart of astrologists and horoscope fans (ok maybe not that bad) but it’s considered a time when things go wrong, not to plan, blocks in communication and so on.

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Why?  Because it appears that Mercury is moving backwards, but it really only looks that way from the earth, and this seems baffling when asking how accurate are horoscopes.

And when you think about it, why would the position of the stars (or should we say the position of the earth in relation to the stars) affect personality characteristics?

And yet, and yet…  I find my birth sign horoscope a very accurate portrayal of my personality.  (I’m Pisces on the cusp with Aquarius – no doubt typical of a Pisces to be doing things related to mysticism and spirituality).  The description of Pisces is just like me, particularly when it is customized to be an on the cusp reading.

Do your friends match their horoscope?

I bet you know lots of friends and family members that are very similar to their birth signs too.  Do your friends tend to have the same element as you – fire, water, earth or air?  I’ve found that many of my closest friends and lovers have been water signs, often those I feel drawn to in some way tend to be Pisces.

So how can astrology affect us?

So I was thinking about how the stars could affect the way we are born.  It’s hard to fathom, and from a scientific point of view it seems nonsensical, but all I can really conclude is that the stars that are shining down are perhaps sending some kind of energy.  We know that people are affected when the moon is full (and specifically there are more suicides for instance in the moon of pisces, an emotional moon) so it does make sense that the stars can affect us too, and all the people around us.

A friend of mine suggested that since all matter is connected (quantum physics and spiritual perspectives agree here) and the year is cyclical, then certain energies will be around at different times of the year. Do you have any theories on how and why astrology is accurate?  If so, please contact me and share your thoughts!

Are Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes Accurate?

When thinking about how accurate horoscopes are, I’ve generally found that the predictive side is much less correct than the birth sign descriptions.  However there are some important considerations.

  1. Predictive horoscopes tend to work much better for me when I have something big going on in my life that I can apply the advice to. This makes sense when you think about it since if there is not much going on then the climates created by the stars can’t really get going.
  2. To get the most accurate horoscope I have found that you really need a personalized birth chart.  The generic 12 horoscopes fits all is very hit and miss because it ignores all the other important things in your chart, only focusing on your sun sign.

When I’ve had personalized horoscopes done for me, I’ve been impressed by their accuracy.  They haven’t been spot on 100% the time but certainly a hell of a lot better than the free sun sign ones you find.  (Which I do still read by the way and you can click to see my fun free daily horoscope!)

If free sun sign daily horoscopes aren’t that accurate why do you still read them?

Although I do sometimes how accurate are horoscopes and how do they work, I find them a great source of advice regardless.

While for serious advice I like to have a personalized forecast, I do still read the free horoscopes you get in magazines, on your phone app and so on.  Why?  Because if the astrologer is good at life advice, you often get some great nuggets of info that can make you stop and consider things for a moment, from a different perspective.

I randomly searched on the net for my horoscope today and got this one:

"If you act as if everything is going your way, it will. That's because you're looking good to others and the only way you could spoil it is to show lack of self-confidence. So if you don't know it, don't blow it - proceed as if everything is under control, because for the moment it more than likely is."

This to me is excellent advice and something I try and live by anyway, but to be reminded of it is great, and today I see a way of relating that to a personal situation of mine, and so I feel pleased that I read it, regardless of how I choose to answer the question are horoscopes accurate.

Most Accurate Horoscopes

So bearing all that in mind, which are the best or most accurate horoscopes?

Horoscope Apps

For free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes I use the ‘Better astrology’ Android app and also for a daily one I use another called….

Free Daily Horoscope

You can also check the free daily horoscope on this site.

Personalized  Horoscopes

If you want a really detailed personality analysis of yourself or perhaps a partner then I do recommend getting a birth chart, and if you find that is good, I do think personalized transit reports (another way of saying horoscopes) are great too.

Recently one of my favourite psychic readings and astrology sites, has added an excellent yearly personalized horoscope package for a great price.  See my review of StormJewel's Psychics or take a look at the astrology report on offer.

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