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Psychic ScamsWhilst in my experience there are many excellent psychic readers out there, unfortunately the nature of it does allow certain scammers to con people out of their money.

Here I’ll tell you about some of the most common psychic scams and what to look out for when getting a reading.  I’m also compiling a psychic scam list for online readers so if you know of any please get in touch.

Most Common Psychic Scams

Cold Reading

You’ve probably heard of this technique but basically it involves the psychic throwing out a general statement and picking up on someone’s reactions to see if it strikes a chord.  Mediums like John Edwards appear to do this by saying something like, “I’m sensing a Mike, Michael or Mick”.

This statement is great for a fake psychic since they haven’t actually even said that that person is dead so it could be someone from the audience or anything. The ‘psychic’ will judge somebodies reaction and make a comment based on that.

Another common vague statement would be to follow up with ‘July is a significant month for you’.  Here this could relate to almost anything (a birthday, a death day, an anniversary or so on), and anyone (the dead person, the audience member, a family member etc) so the scammer waits for a clue and continues.

Those tv psychic shows are particularly easy to convince people on because of the clever editing done, and also sometimes these shows have been known to get information from people by using plants (human spies not leafy friends!) in the audience, or even from info they filled out when applying for tickets.

Unsolicited emails can use this technique too, by telling you things like you are lonely and in need of a friend etc.  For vulnerable people these emails may ring true even though it's just a generic email script.  I have found that Scientologists use this method too by giving you a 'personality test' designed to ensnare depressed and desperate people.

You are cursed and only me (and your money!) can save you

This is a very common psychic scam where you are told that a curse has been seen around you and only the psychic can lift it for you.  Sometimes this requires a very expensive psychic reading, or even will lead you into having to buy special stones or candles with ridiculous price tags like $100!

You’re gonna win the lottery (but pay me first!)

A similar psychic scam to the curse one is to be told that you have a lottery win, or an inheritance or something waiting for you but that you will only get it if you have a psychic reading, or pay for a spell to help you.  Although I do believe in the power of spells you should Never trust anyone that tells you that you need a spell to life a curse or to get a lottery win that is due to you.

How to Avoid Psychic Scams

Beware of psychic that asks you for money to lift a curse or give you wealth

Beware of very expensive readings – Some of the very best psychics do charge quite a bit for a reading but you should thoroughly research this and never pay more than about $300.  I have never paid anywhere near that much, tending to use companies like Keen and Oranum who have much more reasonable rates.

Free Readings – Many websites offer free introductory readings, or at least allow you to ask a free question or get free minutes, and some offer (free to enter) competitions to promote themselves.  This is fine but just make sure they don’t follow up with one of the curse/lotto scams I mentioned.

Beware of Cold Readings – While it is normal for some psychics to ask you questions in order to answer your question better, a good psychic will try and provide some validation by telling you something that you haven’t told them or made it easy to guess.  I’m not suggesting you lie to your psychic or try and make it difficult for them, that’s not helpful, but just bear this in mind.

Beware of too many personal questions

I heard of a scam where a ‘psychic healer’ was claiming to be going on a pilgrimidge to Lourdes and would send letters saying that ther person would receive happiness, wealth and luck.  It didn’t ask for money but did ask for address, full name, date of birth and place of birth as well as information on pets', partners' and spouses' names - the sort of information a lot of people use as bank and e-mail account passwords!

While its normal to be asked a date of birth and country of residence for a psychic reading, and also place and time of birth for astrology charts, definitely avoid anyone that starts asking you for things that might be used on passwords, and don’t respond to unsolicited letters and emails.

Psychic Scams – Have you been scammed?  Let me know!

I’m currently compiling a list of known psychic scammers on the internet.  If you know of an online psychic reader or service that is fake or dishonest, please let me know and I will investigate.

NOTE:  Getting an incorrect reading one time doesn’t mean someone is a scammer, even the best psychics fail to tune in sometimes and most companies will offer you an alternative reading if you ask them.  By scammers I mean people who are obviously cold reading, or worse talking of curses or lotto wins and just trying to con large sums of money from people.

Psychic Scam List

 Are you on this list and believe you shouldn't be?  contact me to resolve it!

Nalani Monet - I've heard several reports of emails not being sent, and worse telling you of a curse and demanding large sums of money.

Tara Medium – offers a free email reading which then tells you there’s a curse and a win for you.  I got this despicable email myself.

Other people’s experiences -

Orisha Ashe

This site ( is also known to be fake

Gabriella Psychic

Offers a free reading then you start getting requests for large sums of money, and telling you things like she wants you to be her personal student and she will teach you all these secrets because it turns out you are especially gifted.


A video psychic chat service that many people have found charged their card but they didn’t get their reading.  Also people find it difficult to cancel.  They do respond to comments on the complaints board website though so if you have been scammed you could try posting there.

Psychic Scams - Conclusion

There are many fraudsters out there so don't feel bad if you've been a victim but do report it to me so we can stop them and put them on my psychic scam list!

That said, most online psychics are actually decent people, but to be sure it's great to get some recommendations. For Psychics that have been tried and tested, read my psychic reviews page .

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