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Reviewer: Lucy Langley
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Psychic Source has been around for over 20 years now, so has their experience led to great quality readings or not?

Find out in my psychic source review below.

I’ve been using this clairvoyant readings site for several years now and I have to say that they do provide an excellent service.  One of the things I like about them is that they are a small company who describe themselves as ‘a bit nutty’ and passionate about giving good psychic readings and customer service and it (the passion not the nuttiness!) does show through.  And of course, they have some great psychics.

Further on in this review, you will find my recommended readers at psychic source who have given me or people I know, accurate and good psychic readings, and any promo codes currently available.

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What Psychic Services do They Offer?

They offer psychic readings by phone and have recently started offering psychic chat readings as well.  New customers can get a free psychic email reading.

The readers have all different skills that you would expect to see from tarot to numerology, dream interpretation and astrology to using spirit guides and so on.

Customer Service is Excellent

The customer service is second to none at psychic source.  Like most psychic sites they offer a satisfaction guarantee on the psychic readings, but many of those sites simply offer you another reading but Psychic Source will give you your money back.  Happily, I’ve never had to use that guarantee, as all the readings I have had have been good.

There receptionists and customer service staff are nice and friendly and if you can’t decide what reader you want then they will help you.

The psychics I have used have been very caring and friendly as well as good at what they do which is good particularly when you are calling about something personal.

[youtube id="L8Ix5Hhurf4" width="600" height="340" position="left"]

Because Psychic Source has been about for so long, they can really afford to be choosy about who they employ.

They have a very tough screening process where they say that only about 5% of applicants make it through.  Each new reader has to do about 3-4 readings as well as interviews with staff, and their top psychic, Moira.  You can find out more about this by watching the video above which is a clip from a daytime tv chatshow.

They also plan to introduce a system of screening of new psychics by their top customers as well which is a cool idea.

Site Layout

Psychic Source has recently updated their site, and it now looks great and is even easier to use.  They've added a new feature that is very unique and interesting, you can now choose the reader personality style - from compassionate to direct, wise, expressive and thoughtful!  Not sure what happens if you someone to have more than one of those skills but it's still pretty neat.

There's also a category of readers who can help with grieving and loss related issues which could be very helpful and is something I haven't seen elsewhere.

Other features:

  • If your chosen reader is busy (and top readers like Moira are often Very busy) you can ask for a callback, but you can also see how many people are waiting before you.  I’ve often seen Moira with 20 or so people in the queue to speak to her!
  • On each psychic’s page, you can find more about them and also see their schedule which is useful.
  • Many of them have an audio message that you can listen to which I really like because it helps you get a feel for the reader.
  • Adding funds to your account is pretty simple and you can pay by most credit and debit cards.

Psychic Source Special Features

I think that where Psychic Source’s experience really shows is the attention to detail.  Here are some of the things they do that I like:

  • They have recently introduced a feature where you can get a text message when your favourite reader logs on.
  • I like the way they assign you with a toll-free number to call them on
  • They have some good reward and loyalty schemes, which are great if you like to get readings quite often
  • Available 24hrs a day 7 days a week which is handy

Special Offers for New Customers

As I said, loyal customers get free minutes and things, but for new joe customers there are currently two special offers

  • a free psychic email reading
  • $1 per min for the first 10 mins

Promo/Discount Code

Click here for a promo code that gives you $1 per minor quote or use the coupon '22762'.

Psychic Source Reviews

There’s loads of testimonials and feedback on the site, the large majority are good to excellent but there is the occasional less good one which is to be expected and helps me to feel that the reviews are genuine.

They have a system which means that only those who have actually had a reading (of over 3 mins) can leave a review which is great because you know then that the psychics are not leaving false reviews for themselves!

Here are just a few psychic source reviews from the site:

"Stella told me that she had a vision of seeing two toddler angles moving/placing a star in the sky for me. She told me to look for a star in the sky. It may be a planet, but it will look like a bright star. When you see that you will just know everything is going to finally be okay. This is what happened...I saw a star, a bright star next to the crescent moon on Sunday night. It was situated in a small opening in the sky between tall buildings right outside my french doors from my bedroom. It was amazing because there is not much open sky when I look outside my windows.

And, the day before that something really great happened, and the entire weekend was full of breakthroughs in all my very important close relationships. Stella has a real gift. I had no idea that I would experience her vision. But, I did. And, I still am having a hard time believing how it all came through. Thank you, Stella. I can only say thank you. It is worth a million dollars of a thank you. I know that will be enough for you. " Joseph Pemberton

"Joy is amazing. Her predictions from as far back as two years ago are manifesting exactly as she saw them. Thankfully, I keep good notes! My Mr Right is back in my life for keeps! Yes!"

"Everything Sammie had told me so far has come true...down the smallest details. Someone said better than some 5 stars..agreed! Must call! Honest, accurate and VERY fast and professional. I never feel like I just wasted my time or money and I have talked to a lot!!! Do not go anywhere, Sammie!!"

Some of my psychic readings experiences

All the readings I’ve had from Psychic Source have been very good.  I’ve used their most popular reader Moira before who is excellent, although because she has been on the site for so long now and is so busy her rates have gone up a bit and the introductory offer of $1 per min does not apply to her.

Other readers, I’ve had a great experience with:

Stella 7343 – Got a dream interpretation and career reading from her, was very good, and she has a very comforting manner.

Sammie 8496 – Always gets straight to the point and sometimes scarily accurate about the little details such as hair and eye color of someone you are about to meet.

Jewel  8483 – Lovely lady, excellent counselor for troubling emotional situations and love readings, also always gets straight to the point.  (not available any more 🙁

UPDATE : - I've recently had more readings with psychic source and found these readers to be good, reliable and honest. The above readers are still recommended as well and still on site.

Ben 7915 (really good price and very good at interpreting others' emotions & love readings) Therese (7215) & Melea (7905). Therese is not only a psychic, but she also has a Master's in Psychology. I like her because she is very honest and sees snapshots in the future. Her truthful approach was very reassuring and I was sure she was not just making me feel good.

Melea gives excellent readings about your finances and relationship. She can also communicate with animals! I was able to know that my dog was depressed because of her.

Psychic Source Reviews - Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Psychic Source is one of the best psychic sites I have used with excellent customer service, a good range of readers, and most importantly, talented psychics.  If you are looking for a really good psychic reading then you will do well to try out psychic source as I wholeheartedly recommend them.

I take great pleasure in giving Psychic Source the

'Most Ethical Psychic Network' Award.

Visit Psychic Source

(current special offer 10 mins for $10)

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