Seeing and feeling auras allows us to see deeper into a person, pet or even an object. It allows us to understand people on a spiritual level, know if someone is lying and help those who need energy healing and understanding.

Seeing or feeling the aura of a person allows us to connect more with a person and helps us to resonate with them in a whole different level.

How to See the Aura

Seeing Auras has become difficult for humans because aura is made of energy particles that may not be seen to the naked eye. Much concentration and focus is needed to see the aura. Practice also allows us to detect the halo of light around a person.

The Aura is made up of seven layers. The human eye can normally see up to three of the first layers with training and practice. However the other layers cannot be seen anymore.

To view the aura, one must see the body of the person it self. Also mindlessness is needed. This mean to look at someone in a dreamlike state without too much weight but with the intention of looking at the aura.

Using Inanimate Items

First, you may train to see aura. You may start with some small items in the square or rectangle shape. They should be small enough about the size of the deck of cards or slightly bigger than that.

Step 1: Wrap the item in blue paper. You must have two items. The other item should be wrapped in a red wrapper. You can use a scarf of a towel but avoid those with patterns and assorted colors. The purer the red or blue the better.

Step 2: Sit about an arm length from the object while it is in your eye level. You should not be looking down. You may tilt your head a little bit but it should be directly in front of you. Place the object in a white back ground or a plain background with no distractions.

Step 3: Take a few deep breaths and enter into a dream-like state. Look at the object. Blink if you must because if you don't, your eyes will feel the strain. Look at it in a natural gaze.

You will observe that you will see the edge of the item glowing with a color. The red item will give off a green edge or aura. The blue item will now give off a yellow glow. Also you just see a small bluish tinge of the edge of the item but this is normal tool.

Step 4: Practice doing this until it becomes more natural to you. Now try it with plants. You find that this is a bit more difficult at first. Then try it with an animal or a pet. Once you feel you are ready, you may move on to a human subject.

The Layers of the Aura

The Aura is composed of seven layers. Each layer corresponds to a different frequency, energy and chakra.

1. The Etheric Layer – This layer is the closest layer to the body. Its about a fourth of an inch to two inches from the skin. It is normally bluish or whitish in color. It corresponds to your root chakra and your physicality. It can indicate sicknesses and diseases.

2. The Emotional Layer – This layer is about three inches from the body and manifests emotional energies. Dark holes or spots indicate emotional turmoil. This layer is connected to your sacral chakra. It is normally multicolored and is connected to creativity and adventure as well.

3. The Mental Layer - The mental layer starts from three inches to about eight inches from your body. This layer is related to your thoughts, your cognition, will power and ego. Imbalances in thoughts and motivation can be seen in this layer. It is connected to your solar plexus chakra.

4. The Astral Layer – The Astral Layer is the layer that is connected to the heart chakra. It connects the physical layers to the higher spiritual layers. Similar to the Emotional layer, this layer is connected with feelings but this one is on the higher modes such as selflessness, love and caring for others such as family and friends or even beyond those you know. This layer also works with self love.

5. The Template Layer and The Throat Chakra – This layer corresponds to being able to express one's thoughts and manifest them into words, actions and creations. This level is the Manifestation Layer. It is the one that allows us to manifest ourselves into the world. If it is blocked, we are unable to be the person that we are and try too much to blend in.

This layer goes about eighteen inches from the body.

6. The Celestial or the Third Eye Layer - This layer corresponds to your third eye chakra. It is the layer that allows you to see beyond the physical realms. It also allows you to have restful sleep and vivid dreams. This layer also helps you to have intuition and perceive others. Blockages in this layer means that you may be unable to sleep and may have nightmare and distorted thoughts.

This layer is about twenty four inches from the body.

7. The Causal and Crown Layer – The top most layer connected to the crown chakra connects us to the Universe and to the Spirit. It allows us to understand messages from higher powers. Blockages here may cause feelings of being alone or feelings of being higher than others. It has a golden color if well balanced. It looks like a halo on top of our heads.

Why Do We Need to See The Auras

AuraSeeing auras is a gift. But it can be learned and practiced. Most of us will only be able to see the first three layers. Some may see up to the fifth layer but the other two can only be seen by higher beings. Seeing the layers of chakra will help us understand others and relate to them more.

1. Physical healing – With the ability to see the first layer, we can help people even before any physical symptoms of sicknesses occur. This is the same step that Reiki healers do to relieve ailments before we even ever feel them.

2. Emotional balance and forewarning – We can know if someone is a person who is an aura vampire that sucks up energy from others. We can protect ourselves by shielding our aura so that we do not feel drained around this people. People who suffer from this normally do not even know they have this condition. They may take away aura without even wanting to do so. They may not be bad or evil people but they have auric imbalances.

3. Knowing the truth – The aura shows if someone is lying or not. The Emotional Layer will show if a person is saying the right thing because you will see a straight aura. Fluctuations in the said layer can mean dishonesty.

4. Mental, emotional and spiritual growth – Seeing your own aura can allow you to understand who you truly are beyond what you tell yourself. It allows you to balance your aura in order for you to live honestly and fully. This also allows you to help others and have a higher consciousness.

The aura is a part of the human body that may be unseen to the naked eye. But knowing about it will help you be a person of knowledge and this can aid you to be a better person.

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